Who Is Mountain Home Handyman?

Who Is Mountain Home Handyman?
Thanks for stopping by, and checking out Mountain Home Handyman.  You can find out the basics about me (John) on our About page, but I wanted to take this initial opportunity to introduce myself, and who Mountain Home Handyman really is.  Let’s start a while back….

We (my wife, Lynell & I), raised our family in Poway, CA.  I grew up in the San Diego area, and from my early pre-teens, I was building & fixing things.  Those days, it was pigeon cages (I raised and showed pigeons for a few years), then as I got older, graduated to work benches, shelving, etc.  My wife’s penchant for organizing the home, required that I build what she needed, which always included some sort of custom shelving to fit in just the right spot.  While my career in the business of technical sales and marketing developed, I also developed an interest in woodworking, and being the practical kind of guy I am, the furniture I built was always the right mix of form and function.  Over the years I have built TV cabinets, butlers tables (thanks Norm for the great plans on that one), corner cabinets, fireplace mantels, center islands and more.

My dad (a building contractor in his later years) and I added on to our home in Poway, which included a completely remodeled kitchen, large bedroom, ensuite bath, and laundry room.  Fun project, but I don’t recommend living in your house during a remodel.  🙂  All these experiences continued to add to my skill set in building and fixing things.

Fast forward to summer of 2005, when we decided to make the move we had dreamed about for years.  We sold our home in Poway, and moved to Mammoth.  A daughter and son, both separately, had already moved to the area (we think partly, at least, because of the love of Mammoth we had instilled in them over the many summers we vacationed up at Twin Lakes), so after a lot of prayer and thought, we made the jump, leaving a successful career in marketing, for the unknown in Mammoth.   On moving here, I first remodeled our condo in Crowley, completely gutting the kitchen and redoing the bathrooms.  Then as I looked for some sort of work and income, my son, Peter, had an idea to start a rental business called Mammoth Front Desk.  Officially started in Sept 2005, we just got that off the ground, but I still needed additional work, so I came up with the original idea of Mountain Home Handyman, and began to slowly build that business.  Well, SLOWLY was the key word, as I just had a little bit of work, but at the same time I provided all the repair and maintenance of our growing vacation rental business.

As MFD grew, it provided me more and work until eventually, in 2009, Peter moved away and I took over the management and operations of the business, deciding to set aside the handyman business.  In the early years of MFD, I built on my repair and maintenance skills as I provided all those services (and more) for up to 80 different properties!  With the untimely death of our son, business partner, and my golfing buddy, Peter, in June of 2014, we began to realize that I could not adequately run MFD alone.  Then in July of 2015, through a divine contact, we sold Mammoth Front Desk.

So, what does a guy do, who has lots of skills, time on his hands, and loves fixing, repairing and installing things?  Mountain Home Handyman!

Well if you are still reading this, I presume you are really thorough in researching people who do work for you, or you are one of my kids! 🙂  Either way, thanks for taking the time!  Just for fun, here are a few more tidbits on Mountain Home Handyman:

  • BEST DAY: The day I met my wife Lynell.  Like every couple, we have our ups and downs, but she is responsible for the incredible family, kids and grandkids, that we have, and who they are becoming.  I owe that all to her, plus a lot more!
  • WORST DAY: The day we got the call about our son Peter.  We miss him dearly.  Taken too soon from this life.
  • HOBBIES: In alphabetically order…Astronomy (just bought a telescope after having put this hobby down for several years, looking forward to some astrophotography, and fulfilling a life long dream in Aug 2017 to see a total solar eclipse), fly-fishing (Hot Creek is my favorite, but I catch more fish in the back country), walking and hiking (love our Mammoth walks, I’m the one with the green rim hat walking about town), woodworking (I really enjoy building furniture of varies types.)
  • MOST SURPISING: My college major was in Physics.  I had thought about pursuing a career in nuclear physics at one point.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: My life belongs to Jesus.  It would take a book to tell of everything he has done for me and my family over the years.  Miracles in all shapes and sizes.  Without Him, my life has no lasting meaning.   Would love to tell you about Him, or just pray for the miracle you need!